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French Doggies

     Before going to France I spent alot of time reading blogs, websites and books about France.  Carol over at Paris Breakfasts posted about all the doggies that she sees while in France.  Then, I read the book Spotted in France by Gregory Edmont, in which Edmont wrote about his life in Paris changed once he got a dog.  While it is a myth that the French are rude, it is true that they are a very private people.  The French are happy, and friendly... with their friends.  However, once Edmont got a dog, everyone noticed him.  When he went to the market, the sellers started chatting with him, or rather with his dog.  


So the result of this is that when I went to Paris, I was looking for dogs.  When we went on the train to Bordeaux there was somebody with a dog chilling underneath his seat.  On the streets it seemed that there were dogs everywhere.  I tried to take pictures of all the doggies that I saw but I am rather shy about taking pictures so most of these were taken while walking and trying to look nonchalant.  

This one isn't a very good picture but I had to post it as his owner noticed me taking a picture and smiled at me.  Yup, that's right, I got a smile in Paris  :)

This doggie belonged to the owners of Maison Zen and was usually hanging out in the walkway.

Outside Gare de Lyon, a family eating lunch and their doggie getting in on the action.