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Breakfast in Paris

My Dad and I are both night owls so we didn't do any early morning sightseeing.  Instead we would get some yummy food from the bakery down the street and eat it in our room before going out for the day around noon.  One day I was waiting for my Dad to get back from somewhere to eat and so I decided to do a little photo shoot with the food.

Brunch for two in Paris:

Aerial shot of the baguette...

Time for your close-up :) mmm, I'm salivating just thinking about it.

So yummy.  In the States I don't really like the crust of baguettes because it is so hard but this baguette was so crunchy and crispy yet light as air. *sigh*

Le yaourt pêche for me (love that word, just say it over and over, so fun: yaourt, yaourt, yaourt).  I also liked the yogurt in France more than I do in the States, wonder what the difference is.

Hmm, what could be inside this adorable little package?

Oh my, it is a sinfully delicious pastry. Again, salivating over here.  The one problem is that I am not sure how one is supposed to eat this yumminess.  The top layer is like puff pastry and then there is custard underneath so when I tried to eat it the custard ended up oozing everywhere.  Probably not acceptable among les parisians.  



aerial shot of the baguette...

t'imaginer prendre en photo ces pauvres baguettes sous toutes les coutures m'a fait beaucoup rire. merci beaucoup ;)