Breakfast in Paris

My Dad and I are both night owls so we didn't do any early morning sightseeing.  Instead we would get some yummy food from the bakery down the street and eat it in our room before going out for the day around noon.  One day I was waiting for my Dad to get back from somewhere to eat and so I decided to do a little photo shoot with the food.

Brunch for two in Paris:

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

I'm at home with my family getting ready to eat all sorts of yumminess.  I love this holiday!!

I am thankful for...

Cute Overload for making me smile and say "Awww..." several times a day,

Laurie Halse Anderson for insight into the life of a writer and the life of a New Englander (New York counts as New England right?),

Blogging Project Runway  for providing me with lots of news about my favorite reality show, Project Runway, and for the great blog community that is connected to BPR which includes Tom and Lorenzo, Eric Three Thousand and Ms.Place,

Paris Breakfasts for a bit of Parisian beauty everyday,

Foodbeam for her reports of pâtisserie in France and beautiful, inspirational photos,

David Lebovitz for his yummy recipies, wealth of food knowledge and observations about the quirks of both the American and French cultures,

and finally, the most recent addition to my blog roll, Pioneer Woman for her stories about being a rancher's wife and her four little punks.

Now I need to go make my stuffing, taken from a Rachael Ray recipie.  Not gourmet but very yummy and that's really what Thanksgiving is all about.  

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?  What are you thankful for?

French Doggies

     Before going to France I spent alot of time reading blogs, websites and books about France.  Carol over at Paris Breakfasts posted about all the doggies that she sees while in France.  Then, I read the book Spotted in France by Gregory Edmont, in which Edmont wrote about his life in Paris changed once he got a dog.  While it is a myth that the French are rude, it is true that they are a very private people.  The French are happy, and friendly... with their friends.  However, once Edmont got a dog, everyone noticed him.  When he went to the market, the sellers started chatting with him, or rather with his dog.  


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Taking a break...

This is bad timing since I just posted in a whole bunch of communities inviting people to read my journal but I will be taking a one week break from livejournal.  I have become semi-addicted to blogs and spend too much time procrastinating on the internet so for one week I am not going to check any blogs.  Next Sunday, I am going to reevaluate and see if I need to continue my blog fast for another week.   

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 I am supposed to researching for biology right now but I can't concentrate because I am sooo angry and frustrated.  In the midst of my procrastinating I happened across a link to the blog I Am Emily X.  On it various planned parenthood workers share their story.  Apparently, there is a 40 Days for Life campaign going on right now so many planned parenthood clinics have protesters outside of their clinics.  I'm not really sure how I feel about abortion morally but I do think that it should be legal or at least a state issue.  In a New York Times article it was reported that some commission found that countries where abortion was illegal didn't have any fewer abortions, they just had an increase in deaths.  

Aside from all of the moral and political issues associated with abortion, the tactics that the protesters use are just wrong.  Even if I agreed 100% that abortion is immoral and should be illegal I would still think that what the protesters are doing is horrible.  Taking pictures of license plates?  Calling the workers sluts?   Vandalism?  I can't stand it that people associate Christianity with things like this.  

Also, Planned Parenthood provides lots of services other than abortion.  They even provide services aside birth control such as pap smears which could save a woman's life.  Women who are going to Planned Parenthood should not have to walk past protesters or feel attacked for their decision to go to the clinic.  That decision could save their life.  

On the 40 Days for Life website they list previous campaigns and all of the "successes" that they had.  How did they determine that they had prevented an abortion? And, what happened several months later when the woman had a baby?  If a woman has made a decision to have an abortion then there is probably a reason.  A reason that will most likely affect the baby's quality of life.    So what happens then?